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Hi, we are Dept - an international digital agency with over 1000 experienced thinkers & makers. One agency uniting creativity, technology, and data. Helping reinvent & accelerate your digital reality by creating experiences that people want and businesses need.


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Unanswered Questions for Better Branded Tech: Dept Strategy Head Gives Provocative Keynote at NY AdWeek

In advertising and marketing, it’s easy to get deep in the tactical weeds or mesmerized by shiny new tech, forgetting the overarching values and ideas that should inform strategy. Dept, Europe’s fastest growing digital agency, is offering a fresh perspective on the big picture, exploring how (and if) branded tech can enhance our humanity, at an upcoming Advertising Week keynote.

Presented by Head of Strategy at Dept, Rens Verweij, this keynote will unpack the question, “Can Technology Make People More Human?” on Monday, September 23, 2019 at 10:30 AM. The keynote will be held at the NewGen Stage (AMC Lincoln Square, 1998 Broadway) as part of New York Advertising Week (September 23-6). Full details here

“We grapple with this question in many forms all the time,” reflects Verweij, “yet we rarely get a chance to ask it directly and mull it over together. My presentation will give us an opportunity to do just that, using several examples that run from branded apps to virtual influencers.”

Verweij and Dept are well positioned to dig deep into these larger issues while remaining grounded in ad and marketing teams’ realities. Founded in Amsterdam with offices across Europe and the US, Dept has grown from a single digital agency to a global creative powerhouse with 1,400 experts in everything from ecommerce to ads to apps. 

The agency recently expanded its North America operations, with teams in New York and Boston. While gaining a foothold in the large American market, the agency is keeping its inquiring, discerning, no-nonsense perspective on the industries it serves. Dept has embraced the challenge of companies’ shifting, broad needs, while retaining a sharp focus on the core elements of brand-customer relationships. It has worked with clients like Samsung, Panasonic, Adidas, Microsoft, Radisson, KLM, Phillips and Unilever.

This keynote reflects the thoughtful yet practical approaches the agency is bringing to its North American clients. “Looking closely at how people use branded tech is an important step in making it relevant to both brands and customers,” says Josh Porter at Dept/Rocket Insights. “Without the big questions, the whole purpose and value are lost.”

About Rens Verweij

The Head of Strategy at Dept digital agency, Rens has been fortunate enough to team up with the world’s biggest brands and the industry's smartest people - and make friends along the way. Life is complex enough, so Rens is a firm advocate for brands being nothing more than they truly are, and he's on a constant quest to make things as simple as possible. Rens likes to talk about reciprocity between brands and human beings, and challenge conventions in this ever-changing world.

About Dept

Hi, we are Dept, an international digital agency of 1,400 experienced thinkers & makers. One agency uniting creativity, technology and data. Helping reinvent & accelerate your digital reality by creating experiences that people want and businesses need.