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For 24 Hours, The World’s Best Motion Design Takes Over Amsterdam Centraal

Initiated by Studio Dumbar (part of Dept) and Exterion Media NL, all 80 screens on 7 November 2019 will showcase ground-breaking exhibition

Amsterdam, Thursday 7 November, 2019: Design in Motion (DEMO) takes over the Netherlands largest train station, Amsterdam Centraal; the cities biggest public transport transfer spot, welcoming over 250,000 local and international passengers per day. On the 7th of November, for 24 hours, each of the 80 digital screens throughout the entire station will showcase the talents of some of the world’s best motion designers and presents a platform to exhibit new, up-and-coming talent as well as established favourites.

Free to all, this is the first exhibition ever to showcase motion design on such a large scale. Amsterdam Centraal is the largest hub in the Netherlands and services trains, metro, buses and ferries; for 24 hours all commercial messages that are usually showcased to travelers will be replaced by experimental and stimulating motion design. Work to be included comes from an eclectic mix of talent; established graphic design studios such as The Rodina and Bureau Borsche, renowned motion designers such as Zach Lieberman and Jurriaan Hos and young designers from across the world. 2,700 submissions answered the open call, which asked all new and unknown talent to submit their work by the end of July 2019. Additionally, collaborations have been created with art academies in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Canada to encourage students to experiment with motion, and throughout the day, talks around motion design will be organised in the Royal Waiting Room in Amsterdam Centraal.

Liza Enebeis – Creative director Studio Dumbar and initiator of DEMO: “DEMO is a different kind of event. It’s not a closed, expert-only congress or exhibition. DEMO is out there in the most public of all spaces; a railway station. This is symbolic for our underlying message. We all know that interaction and communication between people, organisations, companies is predominantly digital and screen-based. That’s why motion is so important. It’s a fuse of design and technology that still has room for growth. It’s omni-present in our lives, and therefore it’s important to inspire professionals to do their best job”

Thanks to Exterion Media NL, the station will be transformed into one moving work of art; changing every hour, creating a never-before-seen motion experience. The curators of the exhibition are Liza Enebeis, creative director of Studio Dumbar and initiator of DEMO, interdisciplinary designer Koos Breen and graphic and motion designer Xavier Monney.

Guy Grimmelt – Head of Marketing Exterion Media: “DOOH is conspicuously present in the public space and we, at Exterion Media, are very aware of this. It’s therefore a joint responsibility to provide a smart and creative solution; with DEMO we hope to offer all of our partners inspiration on how to deal with content of our screens and the impact that this can have on a public space.”

The exhibition includes work by: Aeni Kaiser (DE), Anthony Velen (CH), Astrid Stavro (UK), Balmer Hählen (CH), Bas Rogiers (BE), Bob Mayata (NL), DBXL (NL), DIA (US), Erich Brechbuhl (CH), Gimmewings (ES), Hansje van Halem (NL), Hassan Rahim (US), Ines Cox (BE), Jonathan Castro (PE), Jordy van den Nieuwendijk (NL), Jurriaan Hos (NL), Just van Rossum (NL), Kenny Brandenberger (CH), Machine (NL), Marina Willer (UK), Merijn Hos (NL), Mirko Borsche (DE), Mucho (ES), MuirMcNeil (UK), Nejc Prah (SLO/US), Nikita Iziev (UK), North (UK), Offshore Studio (CH), Pedro Amaral (PT), Plus Mûrs (FR), Random Studio (NL), Rejane dal Bello (BR), Sascha Lobe (DE), Silo (NL), Spin (UK), Staat (NL), Steffen Hotel (DE), Studio Harris Blondman (NL), Studio Moniker (NL), Sucuk und Bratwurst (DE), Superlarge (NL)

The Rodina (NL), Thomas Traum (UK), Thonik (NL), Timo Lenzen (DE), Toko (AU/NL), Underware (NL), Vrints-Kolsteren (BE), Warriors Studio (UK), Zach Lieberman (US) and many more.

Dimi Alders – Global CEO of DEPT said “Motion is the next big thing. The most forward-thinking companies are using motion to enhance their brands and digital experiences; to ensure they stand out in the crowded digital reality of today. Studio Dumbar knows how to create and collect some of the most incredible motion artwork out there. At DEMO festival, we’re able to bring this medium, not only to the public, but to also create one big pool of inspiration for brands and people that are willing to break the rules, push the boundaries, and be bold. We’re super proud of being co-founders of the largest motion exhibition in the world!”

Thanks to: Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Kinetic, Dept, Exterion Media, Homerun and our media partners: It’s Nice That, Fontanel, BNO, Visual Atelier 8


About Studio Dumbar (part of Dept): an international agency with a Dutch heritage, specialising in visual branding. Studio Dumbar has left an important mark on the design of the Netherlands by designing visual identities for NS, the police, the central government, the public broadcaster NPO, Mauritshuis, the Van Gogh Museum and Transavia, among others.

About Dept: an international digital agency of over 1500 experienced thinkers & makers. One agency uniting creativity, technology and data. Helping reinvent & accelerate your digital reality by creating experiences that people want and businesses need.

Exterion Media (part of Global): a market leader in the (Digital) Out-of-Home industry and offers advertisers the opportunity to advertise on the street, in shopping centers and at NS stations. With a nationwide digital network, Exterion Media is increasingly able to meet the needs of advertisers, in order to reach the target group at exact times and locations.