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Why The Dutch Startup Scene Is Thriving

Access to business funding is also improving, with an upward trend in the number of funding deals and opportunities for startups. Amsterdam-based digital agency Dept was founded in in 2015 by CEO Dimi Albers, who has witnessed a strengthening of the ecosystem over the last five years.

He says: “Many incubators are now finding their way to the Netherlands and coworking spaces for startups have popped up everywhere. The success of many Dutch startups and scaleups in the tech sector has boosted confidence and available funding.”

Brexit, he says, has also had a positive impact, as Amsterdam and the Netherlands are rapidly becoming natural alternative bases for many businesses and, therefore, investments.

“Combine these elements with a healthy appetite at our major banks to support business and relatively large pension funds that need to invest their money, and you have a very healthy environment for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands,” says Albers.